Corporate, Securities & Finance

Our Corporate, Securities and Finance Law Practice Group offers a broad range of advisory and transactional services to domestic and foreign businesses regarding the framework for doing business in the Nigerian economy. Our Lawyers advise a broad spectrum of clients, and in doing so, we adopting a multi-disciplinary approach taking into account the particular industry in which our clients operate. 

We assist with the registration of companies in Nigeria; we attend Board and Shareholders meetings and offer legal/secretarial support; and file requisite returns to fulfil the requirements of various company regulatory bodies in the country. 

Our Corporate Practice Group routinely advise on mergers, de-mergers, acquisitions, domestic and foreign investments, taxation, restructuring, joint ventures and strategic alliances, equity and asset disposals, capital markets, insurance, employment, due diligence/risk management, corporate governance, securities offerings, insolvency, regulatory compliance, divestments and liquidations etc.

Family Law, Succession and Probate

Family disputes are often highly charged and emotional affairs due to the very personal nature of such disputes. Our Family Law Practice Group provide an understanding, sympathetic, and confidential environment for our clients to discuss their family disputes and work with clients to find solutions that work for them.

Our team’s specializations include Wills and Testamentary dispositions, adoption, child custody and support, parent/child relocation, visitation rights, guardianship of minors, domestic violence, marriage annulment, alimony, prenuptial agreements, divorce, legal separation, juvenile dependency and delinquency, marital property rights, support obligations, termination of parental rights, emancipation of minors, and paternity disputes.

Alternative dispute resolution is highly recommended in some cases, while in other cases issues must be resolved through litigation. Irrespective of the approach adopted, our legal team possess sophisticated negotiation and litigation skills that enable them to obtain appropriate settlements when possible. 

Arbitration, ADR and Litigation


We have the requisite training and experience in resolving commercial disputes through arbitration. We deploy this training and experience in appropriate cases to represent our clients in arbitral proceedings regarding complex commercial disputes. Our lawyers also have the capacity to sit as arbitrators. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Our lawyers understand the evolving face of dispute resolution, and how lengthy, daunting, and expensive litigation can be. Consequently, we advise our clients appropriately on the right kind of mechanism to adopt in resolving their commercial disputes. We prioritize speed, cost-effectiveness and preservation of our clients’ business and other relationships. As a result, we have a vibrant team of specialists in different alternative dispute resolution mechanisms who help our clients resolve their disputes in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner while also preserving their commercial and other relationships. 

Litigation Practice

As Advocates and Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Nigeria with over 60 combined litigation experience, we are well equipped to offer exceptional insights into   complex legal proceedings in different legal subject matters. Our lawyers have practiced before all the superior courts of record in Nigeria and have produced sterling results in the interest of our clients. We are committed to working with the highest degree of professionalism and responsiveness to clients’ needs to bring about the most efficient resolution of disputes for our clients.  We are also able to leverage our expanding global footprints in the Asia-Pacific region to offer legal support to clients with international disputes.

Commercial & International Trade Law

Our Commercial Law Practice Group offer business advisory services that cover a wide range of commercial concerns and have as their end goal the facilitation of our client’s commercial interests across various industries. Our services cut across areas that include Agency/Contract negotiation & drafting, Joint Venture Agreements, Manufacturing & Marketing Agreements, Competition law advisory, Employment & Labour related concerns and issues that arise in the course of our clients’ commercial transactions.

Intellectual Property & Technology

Our IP & IT Practice Group are central to assisting our clients to harness and preserve their valuable intellectual property and keep ahead of the curve in the uptake and deployment of new technology in their business. Our team of highly qualified lawyers are dedicated to the strategic growth, development and protection of our client’s valuable Intellectual Property Rights to achieve success in the global and digital marketplace. We appreciate the demand for innovation in the complex business environment of our digital age. We work with clients to keep their business commercially relevant.

We profess expertise in matters affecting copyright, trademark, patents, designs, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) law, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy & Protection, Digital Rights Management, Fintech law & Policy and a host of other ever evolving domains that mesh substantive law with Information Technology.

Health Law Practice Group

Our Health Law Practice Group is led by our Managing Partner (Uche Ngwaba PhD) who is among the leading experts in the emerging health law space in Nigeria. Our Health Law Practice Group connects law and policy to drive better health outcomes in Nigeria. We do so through a synergy of approaches that combine policy advocacy, advisory services and litigation. We understand the complexities that characterise national and international public health governance frameworks and offer business solutions to clients (whether government, private or individuals) to meet their needs.

Maritime Law Practice Group

Our Maritime Law practice is headed by Dr Kalu Anele. Dr Anele obtained his doctorate degree in Maritime Law from the prestigious Korean Maritime University Busan. Dr Kalu’s expertise in this area of law offers clients the support and legal solutions that can protect them and ensure their business thrive.